We offer a range of Repairs and Servicing to many items such as:

  • virus removalPlasma/LCD/LED Televisions
  • Laptops Computers
  • PA Equipment
  • DVD/VHS Players
  • Disco Lights
  • Mixers/amps/CD players
  • Satellite Boxes
  • Plus many more

We specialise in virus removal and data recovery. If your PC gets locked and displays a message requesting payment to unlock, DO NOT PAY!!! This is known as ransom wear instead turn off your PC and fetch it to us.

Microsoft WILL NEVER ring you up saying that you have a problem with your PC. If you get a call just hang up. The scam is to allow them remote access to your PC which they can watch, hear and see every key stroke you type. This means they can see all your passwords and confidential information.

Sometimes its cheaper and more economically to have your item repaired than to spends £100’s on buying a new replacement.

01924 220101

Mon to Fri - 9am to 5pm

3 Castleford Rd Normanton West Yorkshire WF6 2DP

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JWS Audio Visual Equipment Repair Service

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